About Us

After being a chef and an instructor at a local culinary arts school, Scott Meyerson found that there was a need for quality handmade pies. In November of 1994, Scott opened Granny Scott's Pie Shop. After several years of "perfecting" the art of pie baking, Scott decided to continue his career as a chef.


In the fall of 1998, Larry and Roxie Green became the new owners of Granny Scott's Pie Shop. Larry's background was in sales, marketing and management; Roxie brought with her, bookkeeping and "home" baking experience. Since neither Larry or Roxie had experience in making quality pies, Scott spent several hours over their first few weeks teaching them the fine art of handmade pie making.


Over the past years Larry and Roxie have added many customer's favorite pies such as Verry Berry, Jo's Plantation Peanut Butter and Grasshopper Pie. On any given day you can find over 25 different types of pies on our shelves available to our customers. Let us know if your favorite is not on our list. We enjoy trying new pies.